Thursday, May 19, 2011

Check out our "Lina's Cookbook Blog"

Lina Kurz was a young bride in Brooklyn, New York in 1884 when her aunt handwrote a German cookbook for her as a wedding gift.

This cookbook is being transcribed from Suetterlin German into English and will soon be a book.

Check out the progress of this cookbook.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

News from the George Bailey Orchestra

New York History Review and the George Bailey Orchestra put together this great album of city and town songs from vintage sheet music in the Library of Congress on Victorian Pride - Favorite Songs of New York State.
Songs include

Buffalo “The Belles of Buffalo Polka” 1855 and “The Buffalo City Cadet March” 1877
Binghamton “The Binghamton March” 1855, “The Susquehanna Waltz” 1845, “Oak-Leaf Schottisch” 1879, “Life on the Susquehanna” 1882, and “Chenango Polka” 1879
Ithaca “Cayuga Mazurka” 1874
Albany “Duchess of Albany Gavotte” 1883
Elmira “Elmira Schottish” 1856 and “Little Barefoot Waltzes” 1885
Chautauqua “Memories of Chautauqua” 1885
Niagara Falls “Niagara Schottisch” 1852
Syracuse “Oneida Polka” and “Syracuse City March” 1851
Poughkeepsie “Poughkeepsie Polka” 1853
Rochester “Rochester New City Hall March” 1874
Saratoga “The Belle of Saratoga” 1871
Utica “Utica French Academy March” 1851
Yonkers “Twilight Reverie” 1883

You can hear all the song previews on iTunes

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Call for Writers!

Hello Prospective History Authors,

This is an online magazine with an annual printed issue for writers who specialize in local histories of New York State. Many of your local historical societies don't have the resources to provide a platform for publishing your local history article. Well, we do.

This magazine is very interested in publishing your article. If you are interested in being part of it please
click here.

Friday, May 6, 2011

New York History Review upcoming books

Even though we've been quiet lately - we are working very hard behind the scenes on three new books coming out soon. One is Plank Road Explorer, the diary of Henry Marvin of Webbs Mills, New York in 1873.  

Henry was 18 years old and he had to figure things out for himself.

He was born into a family with great ambitions and aspirations. His grandfather was an important character in the Revolutionary War, and his father owned much land in Webbs Mills, New York. His grand-nephew was Ross Marvin, who died at the North Pole while with the Peary Expedition. His great-grand-nephew was Hollywood actor Lee Marvin.