Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brand new book from New York History Review Press

What happened on a normal day to a normal young woman in 1891? Step inside the world of 25-year-old Viola Coolbaugh as she lives her life in rural Schuyler County.

Viola writes of the happenings in Altay, New York - her housework, baking pastries for her father's store, terrible sicknesses, working at the basket factory, and making ice cream with hailstones.

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This publication is fourth in New York History Review's
Learning From History series of printed primary source material.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May is National Preservation Month!


Pick off all the stems, and to every quart of fruit add a quart of sugar; mix well with the sugar, then put them over a slow fire till the syrup commences to form, then put them over a hot fire and let them boil quickly for fifteen minutes, skimming it well. Put them boiling hot into stone jars, seal up tightly.

This recipe is from our reprinted 1888 cookbook Our Own Book – A Victorian Guide to Life with over 600 vintage food recipes. Make your own barn paint, indelible ink, ginger beer, shaving soap, waterproof glue, cologne, violin varnish, and more. How and when to take a bath. What to feed sheep. Answers for all of life's challenges as a Victorian person.

From our Victorian Pride line of New York State reprinted books of merit. One of our goals of NYHR is to digitally preserve and reprint rare antiquarian New York State books and make them available again to the public.
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